Our History

In 1925, Israel (then Palestine) was under the British Mandate and Tel Aviv was just emerging from the old city of Jaffa, when the two Hirshberg Brothers (Avraham and Yakov) opened a small chemical shop in this new developing commercial area.

Within a short period of time, Tel Aviv became the business center of Palestine.

The main trade in the 1920's was food additives as well as products for the agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors.

As early as 1930 the company was stocking materials purchased from the U.S.A. and Europe, and distributing them to local customers.

In 1934 Hirshberg Brothers received its first significant agency, becoming the sole agent of Monsanto Chemicals in Palestine. A year later, Hercules Chemicals was the next leading company to appoint us as their sole representative.

Hirshberg Brothers became synonymous with being a leading supplier to all the developing industries - including chemical, pharmaceutical and food.

The company continued to grow during World War II in spite of delivery problems, and became a major stockist and distributor to the local market.

In 1953 the partners of Hirshberg Brothers went through a major reorganization, and registered Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals Ltd . as an incorporated Company.

At the same time, the other partnership handling Machinery was registered as Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Machinery Ltd., and the partnership handling Medical Instrumentation was registered as Levant X-Ray Ltd.

In the 1970's Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals was split into independent business units, each specializing in a specific industrial segment; e.g. Chemical Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Food Industry, Feed Industry, Cosmetic & Personal Care Industry, Plastics & Coatings, etc.

For each of the above industrial sectors, we have specialized sales & technical personnel.<.p>

In all sectors, Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals continues to represent and distribute from stock materials from top-of-the-line companies.