The Company

Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals was founded in 1925. The Company is a member of the Hirshberg Brothers Group.

Over the years the Company became a leading house in the field of chemicals, raw materials & functional additives to the developing industries in Israel.

Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals Ltd . Is ISO 9001:2015 approved

(see our ISO9001 certificate)


Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals employs 30 people covering different industrial segments. We have dedicated sales personnel and technical teams, each specializing in specific industries. The Company's main activities are in supplies of materials to:

Local Distribution

Hirshberg's warehousing facilities are among the most modern available in Israel, with all "state of the art" recording (temperature, humidity, etc.) as well as all up to date safety features, beyond the demands of local legislation. Our distribution system covers the whole of Israel with the ability to provide same day delivery.


Hirshberg Chemicals' logistics department was formed in the 1990's to respond to the needs of demanding industries for "on time" deliveries up to the level of "Total Supply Management", where our Company is taking full responsibility for the stock management at our customers' premises.

Financial Stability

We are proud of our 80 years of outstanding financial stability. We are strongly capitalized from within the company. We have been working with one bank and the same bank since 1928. Our bankers are Bank Leumi Le-Israel, Israel's most conservative banking institution.